10 Reasons Why Seniors Walk With a Shuffling Gait – DailyCaring

Observing seniors that walk with a shuffle is a sign that should not be ignored. Typically, walking this way, where they drag, or barely lift their feet, is not something that is done intentionally, and it’s usually caused by some factor. It may be that they are experiencing significant arthritic pain, or have weak muscles. The ability to have a proper balance will also lead to this kind of walk, as it helps them feel more stable. Some causes can be benign, but some deserve attention by medical professionals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Weak legs and hips as well as arthritis in the joints are a cause of seniors walking with a shuffling gait
  • A decrease in balance as well as a decrease in vision can cause seniors to walk with a shuffling gait.
  • A shuffling walk increases the chance of a fall which can cause serious injury to an older person.

“To help your older adult walk more safely, the first step is to find the cause.”

Read more: https://dailycaring.com/why-do-seniors-shuffle-when-they-walk-10-top-reasons/

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