20 Activities for Dementia Patients at Home

Connecting with other people and personal fulfillment is something all of us can benefit from, but activities with these characteristics can prove especially useful to individuals suffering from dementia. It has been scientifically proven that mentally stimulating activities and enriched socialization can slow down the disease. Sensory and artistic experiences are particularly encouraged. While seniors can undertake these activities by themselves, the role of family members is critical, as they are usually the motivators and facilitators in these efforts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Knitting or crocheting is a nice activity for dementia patients. Let them feel the quilt material and the yarn.
  • Look through old photo albums to see if the dementia patients have any memories that they can relive.
  • Listen to music and sing with the patients as this is a great way to wake up the brain.

“Think back or ask relatives and friends about your loved one’s passions and strengths. Then, encourage them to do similar things.”

Read more: https://www.aplaceformom.com/caregiver-resources/articles/dementia-activities

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