Assisted Living

What Happens If Dad Is Ornery and Unruly at Assisted Living?

Here is a straightforward, blunt question: can an elderly person be evicted from assisted living? To be fair, there may be certain reasons why an older resident could be expelled from any living environment -assisted…

Sometimes ‘Staying Put’ Is the Wrong Decision for a Senior, Especially with Quality Assisted Living Ready to Help

Jamie had long been a fiercely independent person. Even when he and his wife Heather were having some struggles in their later years, he didn’t turn to his adult children or even friends for help.…

Is Assisted Living Something You Can Consider for Just a Few Months?

Following that serious medical emergency she experienced recently, Mary couldn’t handle the daily rigors of life at home alone.

Opinions Are Easy to Have, but How Closely Are You Listening to Dad When Talking About Assisted Living?

You know, there’s this adage about opinions that’s a little bit colorful. We won’t repeat it here, but it basically says everybody has opinions, and it’s true. Opinions are easy. Opinions about assisted living are easy to…

Learning to Adapt Is a Great Life Skill, but with Quality Assisted Living, Seniors Shouldn’t Have to Adapt Too Much!

As we age, we have to learn to adjust to our surroundings, circumstances, environment, and the people around us. This is called adaptation. Being able to adapt is a great life skill and not one…

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