Five early signs of dementia to watch out for

As people age, some of their faculties aren’t what they used to be, but there are some signs that aren’t typical of regular aging to watch out for. If you have an aging loved one, then seeing the early signs can help them have a much more fulfilling lifestyle. Issues with memory can come with the territory, but if you are noticing that your loved one is forgetting the time or location they are in, forgetting how to unlock doors, or forgetting people’s names, then this is something to look out for.

Key Takeaways:

  • We should learn to spot dementia as soon as possible to help them live a full life.
  • Some other signs of dementia instead of just memory loss are forgetting things like turning off the oven.
  • Being in a familiar place and still not being aware of space and time is another sign of dementia.

“Even though memory loss is perhaps the most obvious symptom, don’t forget that memory can also naturally get worse the older we get, so watch out for other symptoms too.”

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